Each SDA syllabus has been created to cater for beginner dancers through to industry professionals wishing to undertake their teaching diploma.
The SDA syllabus is available in hard copy with CD’s as well as instructional DVD’s to ensure that teachers are well supported and resourced.

Below each syllabi is outlined in more detail

Tap Syllabi

Primary 1 Tap

Primary 2 Tap

Junior Bronze Tap

Junior Silver Tap

Junior Gold Tap

Intermediate Bronze Tap

Intermediate Silver Tap

Intermediate Gold Tap

Advanced Bronze Tap

Advanced Silver Tap

Advanced Gold Tap

Tap Teaching Diploma


The SDA Tap syllabus has been carefully put together to ensure that students progress technically with each level.  This Tap syllabus encompasses many different styles of tap which are featured in the syllabus and focuses on building dancer strength, theory understanding, technique and performance skills.

A strong focus is placed on technically developing students so that they may reach their full potential whether on a recreational, professional or teaching level.


Teaching Package Includes- syllabus, teaching notes, accompanying theory, set music & DVD teaching aide. 


Syllabus Features- warm up, barre work, centre work, corner work, progressions, routines & theory. Teachers are free to use their own music/choreography in routines or alternatively some set dances are provided.


Jazz Syllabi

Primary 1 Jazz

Primary 2 Jazz

Level 1 Jazz

Level 2 Jazz

Level 3 Jazz

Level 4 Jazz

Level 5 Jazz

Level 6 Jazz

Advanced Jazz

Jazz Teaching Diploma

Jazz is continually evolving and encompassing many different styles of dance such as Musical Theatre, Funk, Hip Hop, Broadway Jazz and Lyrical all of which are featured in the SDA Jazz Syllabus.  Our Jazz syllabus encompasses a wide range of Jazz Styles such as the Charlston, Latin styles, Contemporary, Jive & Theatrical so that students obtain a well rounded dance education.  Each level progresses systematically and builds dancers strength, technique, flexibility and performance skills.


Teaching Package Includes- syllabus, teaching notes, accompanying theory, set music & DVD teaching aide. 

Syllabus Features- warm-up, barre work, centre work, stretches, corner work (including turns, kicks and elevation), music appreciation, combinations, progressions, routines & theory.


Classical Syllabi

Pre Primary Ballet

Primary Ballet

Grade 1 Ballet

Grade 2 Ballet

Grade 3 Ballet

Grade 4 Ballet

Grade 5 Ballet

Elementary Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

Advanced 1 Ballet

Advanced 2 Ballet (optional)

Classical Ballet Teaching Diploma

The beauty and grace of Classical Ballet is displayed throughout each level of the SDA Classical Ballet syllabus while instilling a good technical foundation which is essential in classical ballet training and other dance genres.  

We offer 2 streams for students that reach their major grade levels. 

Candidates are able to select their pathway to diploma by nominating to complete their exams as either a performer or as a teacher.

This wonderful opportunity of 2 streams supports and encourages dancers of all ages and abilities to complete their Classical Ballet examinations.

Teaching Package Includes- syllabus, teaching notes, accompanying theory, set music & DVD teaching aide. 

Syllabus Features-  Barre work, stretching, centre work, pointe work (major

grades performing stream), routines & theory.





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